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I’m a portrait photographer from Prague coming from a family where both my parents were avid amateur photographers. I myself started taking photos seriously during my time in college, when film was widely used. I used to spend all my time in the darkroom developing my reels of film in the “old way”. One of my first cameras was a Practica, and then a Nikon F80. Later I began to use digital gadgets due to the versatility and low costs of digital photography. Now I take photos with a Nikon D750.

Most of my professional life I’ve been working in the sphere of SW companies, where I held various positions. During this period I spent a lot of his time doing artistic photography and time to time I worked on commissions of all kinds. Only later circumstances made me become a professional photographer. Since 2013 I have been taking photos full-time. I teach portrait photography at Fotoinstitut and on-line on Kurzy živě.

I live in Pankrác in Prague with my wife and two sons.