business portrait


The calculation of the price is very simple. You pay for:

  • time = 60 minutes
  • selected photographs
  • complementary services (optional)


  • An hour of shooting = 1,790 CZK

In one hour a series of about 100 photos is made. We can manage up to three changes of clothes and styles of lighting.

The price of one photograph selected by you is 390 CZK.



This is not about taking a group photo but a larger number of individual portraits. Here you pay only per a single photo. If you order a photo shoot in your company, you pay an additional payment of 1,500 CZK for putting up a mobile studio in your place (applied only when the number of posing persons is lower than 5).

The price depends on the number of posing persons.

  • up to 5 persons 990 CZK
  • 5 – 9 persons 890 CZK
  • 10 – 19 persons 790 CZK
  • 20 and more persons – please contact us for a special offer

editorial portrait

The price for photographs for the promotion of your personal brand again consists of three parts, i.e.

  • time
  • selected photographs
  • complementary services (optional)

The first hour of shooting costs 1,490 CZK, every other commenced hour is 990 CZK.

1 photograph including professional retouching and preparation for printing is 690 CZK.


The photo shoot took three hours. The price for three hours of shooting is 3,470 CZK (1,490 + 990 + 990)

You have selected 5 photographs for the final retouching. The price of the photos is 3,450 CZK (5×690) Overall price = 6,920 CZK.

Before the actual photo shoot we are going to go through your request for the number of final photographs. We will make sure that your idea i.e., your investment vs. the result is realistic. We will agree on a period of time fitting your budget.

extra services

Make up 890 CZK

Stylist 3 700 CZK

Hairdresser 1200 CZK

Mobile studio 1 500 CZK

Express retouch 350 CZK/1 ks.

Transport  7 CZK/km

Photographic make-up differs from commonly used make-up. Photographic make-up is more robust, heavier and for someone unfamiliar with it it may look overdone. However, during shooting the flash lights erase up to 50% of the make-up’s volume and the actual result looks very natural. For maximum effect I recommend especially to ladies to make use of the services of a professional make-up artist. (* It is not a wedding make-up).

Having been consulted by the client, the stylist arranges for clothing by renowned Czech and foreign brands. Right on the spot the posing person can choose from a wide range of clothing which fits them perfectly. The stylist assists the client during the whole photo shoot and oversees the posing person‘s looks. The service includes 3 complete outfits including shoes and accessories.

A hairdresser is available at request. The time of the preparation of the hairstyle is not charged by the photographer. The hairdresser arranges for the hairstyle only. He or she does not take part in the actual photo shoot.

The one-time fee for bringing in a mobile studio onto your premises. Charged only if the number of photographed persons is lower than 5.

Express retouching is a service of retouching of selected photographs within 24 hours. It is a surcharge for an express service. If you are in a hurry to have the photos, use this service.

Transport when shooting out of Prague.

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